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Joan Smart

Gavin Powell

Jonathan Powell & friends

Rhys Edwards

Howard Griffiths

Beth Petty

Rob Rees

David Arthur

Terry Mann

Jamie Pritchard

Kat Booker

James Amos

Niamh Doyle

Geoff Davies

Tim Cooper

Chris Mason

Tom Sharratt

Owain White

Mark Andrews

Ian Edwards

Andy Fox

Gareth WIlliams

Ioan Dyer

Alun Jones & Guests (Ponty Rugby Show)

John Gallozzi

Paul Brown

Dave Frantony

Mark Buckley

DJ Norm

Dave (Country)

Alex (Sport)

Kasey (News)

Steph (News)

Ben (Fundraising and Roadshow volunteer)

Sophie (Fundraising and Roadshow Volunteer)

Heard mostly during the day…

Terry Mann (Breakfast / Drivetime / News)

Gavin Powell (Drivetime / Saturday Evenings)

Howard Griffiths (Community Link / Sundays)

Rob Rees (Afternoon Delight)

James Amos (Community Link)

Joan Smart (Afternoon Delight / Sundays)

David Arthur (Breakfast / Drivetime)

Chris Mason (Wednesday Breakfast)

Jamie Pritchard (News)

Dave Frantony (Community Link)

Jonathan Powell (Afternoon Delight)

Rhys Edwards (Various / Friday nights)

Presenters heard at specific times during the week…

Monday Nights – Ian Edwards (Little Monday Show) DJ Norm (Red Hot & Blues Show) Darren Warner (New Music Showcase)

Tuesday Nights – Mark Buckley (Twosday) Ioan Dyer (Clwb Cymraeg / Also Film Show on Sundays at 4pm)

Wednesday Nights – Tim Cooper (Red Thread) Brogan Smart* (Mix’n’Match)

Thursday Nights – Ian Edwards* (Drivers Seat) Stan & Wilf* (Music Therapy) Andy Fox (Rockshow / Album Chart Show)

Friday Nights – Dave Spernaes (Country Show)

Saturdays – Tom Sharratt (9-11pm)

Sundays – Geoff Davies (Sunday Lunchtime) Owain White (Spotlight) Nick Jones (Classical Show) Owain White (Welsh programming) Gareth Williams (Late Show)

When are they on? … Check our Schedule

Note – Presenters with a * are on a rotational basis – see schedule for more details