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Information about a wide range of local charitable/not-for-profit events is

included by presenters of our daytime programmes plus the Entertainment Guide,

broadcast at around a quarter to each hour.

To have your event included email: events@gtfm.co.uk

Many of the specialist interest programmes also contain their own detailed 'Gig Guides'.

For inclusion in these programmes contact the presenters directly,

or email: mail@gtfm.co.uk and ask us to forward to the relevant programme.









40 minutes of your time could mean a lifetime to someone else


Details of local Blood Donor sessions are broadcast daily on Gtfm.



Click here to see the latest list of locations and times


Welsh Blood  has appointments available at their Talbot Green Clinic. Call 01443 622193

If you are a donor and miss your regular session you are asked either to ring 0800 252266,

or visit www.welshblood.org.uk to find an alternative session.










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