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New GTFM advertisers can have their first 30 second advert played every three hours for 28 days for just £390!

… And if we produce your advert we’ll do so for £35, meaning your first 28 day campaign will cost £425 fully inclusive (we don’t charge VAT!).

To find out more email or phone us on 01443 406111.

Terms: Pre-payment with order. 


Choose our ‘Small Business Package’ which offers you a 15 second advert played every three hours for 28 days for just £190!

Small Business Package commercials are produced free of charge. Minimum first order: 14 days for £99
Additional weeks can then be added for £50 each (i.e. three weeks would cost £149)

Therefore advertising your business on GTFM can cost as little as £99 for two weeks!

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Hoskins and Johnson Estate Agents sponsor weekday ‘its nearly *o’clock’ time checks at 7,8 & 9am + 4,5 & 6pm

First Image – The Welsh Shop sponsors the weekday ‘Goldmine at 9’ & ‘3 at 3’ guess the year competition features

Background Info.

Sponsorship of whole GTFM programmes, or appropriate features within them is a great way to reinforce your brand name, image and values, especially if you seek to ‘identify’ with people in the Pontypridd and RCT area.

The majority of GTFM’s programmes are available for sponsorship and you are allowed up to three sponsorship ‘credits’ per hour (each one normally of 10-15 seconds duration) to remind listeners your company or charity is the sponsor.

These ‘credits’ will normally be pre-recorded and charged as if they were individual adverts of the same duration, making the purchase of a sponsorship package surprisingly cost-effective.

Or you might want to sponsor a major information feature on GTFM which people tune-in to hear, like the hourly weather forecasts, traffic and travel bulletins, sports bulletins or programmes (for example The Cardiff City Phone-In).

In fact, the list of opportunities is almost endless – the only thing you can’t sponsor is our news bulletins, due to Ofcom regulator rules.

Sponsorship can reinforce your brand image by reminding listeners of particular products or services offered by your company or charity immediately adjacent to an information spot, or within a whole programme, which ‘fits’ with your message.

But although you are allowed a ‘simple advertising message’ within your sponsorship credit announcement(s), you should regard sponsorship as additional to, rather than a replacement for, mainstream advertising activity.

In terms of campaign duration, because sponsorship employs the ‘drip-feed’ power of radio to place your brand message within the listener’s consciousness, we normally encourage booking in quarterly (13 week) segments, although shorter campaigns (i.e. one month) are possible.