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Howard's Progress!


Gtfm's intrepid volunteer Howard Griffiths has gone further for charity than ever before! Also, to make sure his journey didn't contribute to global warming, he minimised his carbon footprint by completing the whole trip on foot, bicycle and public transport. During his epic journey - which had the blessing of Welsh Assembly Environment Minister Jane Davidson (herself a keen cyclist) - Howard reported his progress live on Gtfm at regular intervals.

Supporters from Rhondda Breast Friends gathered at Pontypridd Station to wish Howard Bon Voyage as he departed on the evening of Monday 22nd June on the first leg of his journey to the most northerly community on the UK mainland!


And just to make sure he didn't forget his route - he printed it somewhere handy!



Howards outward journey included the overnight sleeper from Crewe to Inverness, courtesy of ScotRail, who sent him a First Class ticket and organised for some nice people to wake him up with breakfast.



At Inverness he took a connecting service going even further north!



.....then a bus to:



......where he watched the sunset - at 11.30pm!



Where to next?  There's a clue on the big signpost.....



Before setting off, there was just time to visit the Post Office.....



......and we received this postcard on the Thursday morning!




Having decided he'd visit two of the four places on the big signpost (well, why not?), he set off into the mist down the long and winding road.....

.......saying goodbye to some friendly natives on the way


Eventually arriving back in Wick, which clearly has a football club...... well as being a good place to catch a train going to Inverness!



There are some pretty views as the train line winds through the Highlands....



......and clues to a nearby off-shore industry as you enter the Moray Firth.....



Once in Inverness, after an hour or two sampling the Single Malt, it was back on the overnight sleeper.....



.....this time all the way to Euston in London where he woke up on Thursday, just in time to catch a tube to Paddington and another train to....

.....somewhere else with a football club:

...and yes, a Rugby Club too - (he took this for you, Alun Jones!)



Finally, on Friday morning, Howard hired a bicycle and peddled along the newly opened cycle track from Penzance to:


......somewhere which is called something quite different in the Cornish Language.

Photo courtesy of Courtwood Photographic Services. Copyright 2009

Then, after taking a gulp or two of fresh Atlantic air, there was just time to send another postcard before peddling back to Penzance and taking another train to Cardiff, followed by a bus to Pontypridd - where he arrived a couple of hours ahead of schedule, at 9.30pm on Friday June 26th. In case you were wondering, thats 160 hours after he left!

.....Oh - and the postcard arrived the following Monday:


You can still sponsor Howard for just one pound!

Wendy (who took the Ponty photos) has a money box at Gtfm's Reception to collect donations!

We are grateful to Howard for the other photos, except the Lands End signpost, as credited under the photo.